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Think! London Cyclist Safety Campaign rolled out to UK Cities:


London road safety campaign started to raise awareness of cycle riders safety being extended to 5 more cities to reduce the increasing number of bicycle riders accidents.

The campaign was launched yesterday, on the same day a woman in her 20s was seriously injured in a collision with a skip truck on Camden High Street in North London.

The new Road Safety Minister Robert Goodwill MP announced that the Think! safety campaign would be extended to Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds and Manchester.

Goodwill said: "This campaign aims to make motorists aware of the need to look out for cyclists, ensuring they take extra care when turning at junctions, for example, and encourages cyclists to think about the dangers that they could be unaware of when they are riding."

The number of cyclists killed in the UK has risen from 107 in 2011 to 118 in 2012.

The Think! campaign offers cyclists and motorists six tips each for staying safe.

Drivers are urged to watch for cyclists when turn and to try to make eye contact, look around before opening the car door, avoid parking over advanced stop lines and use their indicators.

Cyclists are told to ride decisively and well clear of the kerb, avoid riding on the inside of large vehicles and to wear bright and reflective clothing.

The posters were trialled in London over the summer and will now run for four weeks.

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