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Bicycle Repair Shop in London

Walk in Bicycle Repair/Service Centre

We offer a complete workshop bicycle repair service from the smallest adjustment to a major rebuild. We are on hand to give you technical advice should you need it. We normally do repairs same day/next day and carry an extensive array of parts, tyres and wheels, so we can repair and maintain most makes of cycles. We can also offer you a courtesy bike should you need one while your repairs are being carried out (Subject to availability). Repair bicycle in london

Repair Bicycle in London:

99% of repairs & services are completed same day. We will always contact you if the work needs to take any longer. Our workshops get very busy but we try to do every repair possible same day and normally don’t charge any extra charges for this. We reserve the right to book in the bicycles during busy periods. Every cyclist should be aware that a bicycle is just like any other machine - in order for it to work efficiently it needs to be maintained on a regular basis. At Station Cycles we employ qualified mechanics trained to the highest national level for cycle maintenance (NVQ / Cytech) so you can be assured that your bike is being well looked after when you have it serviced by us. Currently we are offering following three level of services Bike Spare Parts in London 

Service A: ‘Standard Service’   (Cost of parts is not included)

  • Frame & Forks checked for alignment
  • All bearings including headset, bottom bracket and pedals checked for free movement and adjusted externally as necessary(Any work required on bottom bracket or headset requires higher service level)
  • All bolts & fasteners checked and tightened to correct torque
  • Brakes and gears tuned/adjusted and serviced (Change of cables and break pads requires higher service level)
  • Chain, Derailleurs & Cables lubrication
  • Wheel checked for damage and wear get reported( To true wheels requires higher service
  • Tyres inspected for wear and tear and inflated to correct pressure( Change of tyres or inner tubes require higher service level)
  • Bicycle MOT 32 Point Safety Checks


 Service B: ‘General Service’   (Cost of parts is not included)

  • Everything from Service A plus
  • Frame & Forks wiped down
  • Brake blocks / disc pads and cables checked and replaced if required
  • Both Wheel True
  • Change of Tyres or inner tubes if required


Service C: ‘Full Service’   (Cost of parts is not included)

  • Everything from Service B plus
  • Bottom Bracket checked for wear, removed, then refitted with fresh grease or replaced if necessary
  • Headset removed, cleaned, inspected, then refitted with fresh grease, or replaced if necessary
  • Hubs disassembled, cleaned, inspected, then rebuilt with fresh grease, refitted & checked for play
  • Drive train cleaned & checked for wear, then re-lubricated & refitted with fresh cables and housings as necessary
  • Replacement of any other worn parts if required
  • Professional cleaning of bicycle


Standard Service/Service A (parts Cost is not included)
General Service/Service B (Parts cost is not included) £45
Full Bike Service/ Service C (parts cost is not included) £70
BMX/24inch Bike Service/Service A
General Kids /Children's Bike Service £15-£35
Brake Service ( Per Brake) £10
Hydraulic Brake Service (Per brake, disc or Maguras) £15-£25
Gear Service (Per Derailleur) £10-£15
Headset fit / Service £15-£20
Bottom Bracket Fit / Service £15-£20
Wheel Axle Fit / Service (Front) £15
Wheel Axle Fit / Service (Rear) £20
Fork Service £55
Rear Shock Service £25
Seatpost Unseize BY TORCH(MELTING) £30-£50
Wheel True £15
Wheel Build(Please call for specific quote) £40-£60
Inner Tube Fit (inner tube is not included) from £10
Inner Tube Fit (Complex e.g. Brompton, BMX with pegs or Pashley or Dutch with enclosed gear) £15-£25
Bike Clean and Re-Lube £15
Build Up Frame £120
Dropout Straighten w/o gear service £8
Cassette / Freewheel Fit £7.5
Join Chain £7.5
Remove / Fit Pedals £7.5
Chain set Fit W/O GEAR SERVICE £10
Fit Stabilizers £10
*Light Set Fit £5
*Mudgaurds Fit £10
*Rack Fit F/R £10
*Dynamo Lights Fit £15
Assemble Bike FROM BOX(Price depends how much assembly and calibration needed) £40-£80
Strip and Rebuild Service from £120
Wheel Building Ring for a quote
Due to limited space there will be a storage charge of £10 per day for bikes collected after Due date. Bikes left at the shop for more than one months will be sold or disposed of..  

*Charges shown with asterisks apply if the service is not taken when buying a new bike from us.

*For All bicycles made before 1980 and bikes with Disc Brakes there can be higher labour charges please ask us for details.

All service charges shown above are without any Parts included if during the service mechanic think you need a new part you will be informed first by calling you the number provided and your consent will be taken first before we go ahead.


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